Small Damages, The LA Times, and Caribousmom

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Late in this day I sat down at my desk for the first time and there discovered two kindnesses.

The first from my friend Wendy of Caribousmom, one of those extraordinarily gifted people who reads, who writes, who heals, who thinks, who quilts, who makes flowers grow.  She had read Small Damages and (sneaky woman that she is) had decided to blog about it. Her words are indescribably gorgeous, and so meaningful to me.  Read them all simply to see how beautifully Wendy writes.  Here is a passage dear to me:

I loved this novel and its appealing young protagonist. I loved the journey, and the discovery, the hope and the sadness, the path toward healing after trauma, the knowledge that we are never really alone, and that home is not a place on a map but the people who love you. Beth Kephart is an artist with words and Small Damages is another astonishing literary success.

Shortly after reading Wendy's beautiful post I learned from my friend Paul Hartel—a Hollywood type, an LA guy—that he had found Small Damages in the pages of his newspaper, The LA Times, in the 2012 Summer Reading Guide.

My surprise is sincere.  My happiness radiant.


patti.mallett_pp said...

Beth - I am not the slightest bit surprised, but do share your happiness!! You so deserve this recognition, Ms. Awesome Writer Lady!!

Now I'm off to visit Wendy's blog.

Wendy said...

It is such an immense pleasure to not only read your books, Beth, but to tell everyone about how gorgeous they are...what a special and tremendously beautiful book Small Damages words do not really do it justice.

Melissa Sarno said...

Such wonderful news and a beautiful review. I'm so happy for you and I can't contain my excitement about this book :)

Serena said...

well deserved on both counts.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Wonderful review - congratulations, Beth! Cannot wait to read your very gorgeous book.

Kimberly Eisler said...

Beth, this is great. The Times has the honor to be including you in their pages, I think. Every time i hear good news from you, I know its well-deserved and well-earned. You are amazing and I am honored to know you. I wish you eons and eons of success, you inspire me!!


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