Beth Goes All Rogue Silly, and A.S. King Catches It on Film

Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't know what it is about lately.


Ask A.S. King, that famous writer, She.  She is the one took the photo here.  Snapped it at Chester County Book and Music a few weeks ago, where I had gone to sign Small Damages, and where A.S. King and K.M. Walton and I practically shut down the little restaurant hours later.  Or, at least, we shut down the lunch shift at 5 PM.

Minutes after striking this hot little pose I was informed by a quite polite but anxious management team that this very table had collapsed beneath another's weight, a few signings back.  I wanted to ask if the other author had been a former Rockette, just like me, but decided to heed the caution and hopped off, pledging myself to adult behavior.

But here, forever, thanks to A.S. King, is me being me.

I will get back to my regularly scheduled seriousness on the morrow. 

Unless another odd photo surfaces.


K. M. Walton said...

<3 this photo. What a fun day.

Q said...

I think this one should go on all your books.

A.S. King said...

Yay! I am so glad you like it! It's tough to get a good shot with all that back light. But this time, the Beth-light outshone the sun. Look at that face!

Beth Kephart said...

I love it.

And, Q, considering it.

The1stdaughter said...

I love it! You crack me up. This is hilarious! Brought a smile to my day. :o)

PS...Can I say how insanely jealous I am that you were able to "hang out" with AS King? She's incredible, just like you. Love her writing as well. :)

Serena said...

I love this photo...glad to see you had such a good time.

Joanne Fritz said...

Just now seeing this, as I've been away on vacation. Nice shot, Amy! It IS really hard to take pics in there with that light pouring in the windows.

And the orange pants are a major part of why this works so well! I love that you were willing to show your silly side, Beth.

That was a fantastic day. It will go down in my book as one of my fondest memories of CCBMC. What a privilege to hang out for a while with Beth Kephart, A.S. King and K.M. Walton!

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