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Friday, August 17, 2012

From the minute I held my black-haired son in my arms in a past-midnight hospital room, I knew that nothing would ever be as important to me as his health and happiness.  When the world has opened to this child of mine, I have soared. When the world has said, Not now, wait, I have walked the house in the dark, wearing out the floorboards, quaking.  If he isn't happy, my own happiness runs thin.  If things stall for him, they stall for me.

This summer, that now-grown son of mine graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, moved back home, picked up endless hours at the local movie theater to earn his modest keep, and began the process of looking for the right next career step.  He had the chance to interview with some leading agencies—one in New York City and one in Boston.  He sent letters, daily, to firms across the country.  He brought so much patience to the process, so much ingenuity and dignity, so much of himself.  He asked for nothing from anyone, sold himself on his own merits, did it well.  Several weeks ago he found a right opportunity.  And then he waited for the door to open.

This morning we learned that it has, and one day after Labor Day, our son will be headed off to work, from his own urban apartment—handsome as all get out no matter how you look at him, strong-backed, square jawed, and happy.  I'll be here, in the suburbs, entirely glad for him.  It's that mother thing.  We know it well.

This is a photograph snatched on graduation day—Rodi and Mario, my brothers in law, and Nora, my mother-in-law.  One come from London, one from Dallas, and the lady in pink from El Salvador—all of them as happy as my husband and I were.  (My brother and his wife graciously joined us on graduation weekend as well, they are just not in this shot.)  There was so much joy that day—so much hope.  And that hope has been met with good news.

Lucky, and we know it.


Lisa Romeo said...

Loved this. Congrats to your son (from another Newhouse grad). My own son leaves for freshman year of college in three days; my heart is quaking, from excitement and sadness too. Nice to hear things can be so good at the other end!

bermudaonion said...

Many congratulations to your son!

Ilie Ruby said...

What a wonderful mom you are. And what a wonderful son. Congratulations!

Serena said...

Congrats all around!

Jess Ferro said...

Congrats to your son, Beth and your family! I've been wondering how he was doing ever since I read your memoir, "Reading Past Z" this summer! It's funny because we're probably around the same age, your son and I, but it's crazy because in the book he's so young and then you post about him being grown up :) I've been meaning to email you about something related to your book, and it's just all of your anecdotes reminded me a lot of my little brother now, and I loved so many of your thoughts in there...it's hard to put into words but I just connected with your memories in that book, as did my mom, we've already had great talks about moments in there and so now she wants to read it now. So congrats again!

sarah said...

Congratulations to your son!

Lilian Nattel said...

Congrats to you and to your son! How wonderful!

Brenda said...

Dear Beth,
I know exactly what you mean about their happiness and your own being intwined. I remember reading your book shortly after it was published and I am so happy that he is doing well and going out on his own!

Take a bow!!!
We know how hard motherhood is.
Love to your family!

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