my students join me (virtually) for a party

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I was having a party for my memoir-spectacular Penn students at the close of last semester when they reversed the logic and presented me (a closet foodie) with a gift certificate to my choice of some of Philadelphia's finest restaurants.

I have saved that gift all summer long, telling myself that I would not use it until something very special happened.  Yesterday, as readers of this blog know, that something special happened: my son was accepted into the paid internship program at a fabulous advertising agency.

We're city bound, then, my family of three.  And my students—you are all here with me.  My family is big and proud and boisterous, thanks to the ever-continuing goodness of you.


Melissa Sarno said...

Ooh where will you go!? Take photos! (says the girl who takes a picture of everything she's ever eaten)

Serena said...

You have a great deal of restraint...I couldn't have saved mine if I had one for Boston! :)

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