a You Are My Only book trailer, as created by a dear librarian

Friday, August 24, 2012

What a day this has become.  Reading in the morning.  Kindness from all quarters.  The Shelf Awareness moment, long awaited.  Then, this beautiful Small Damages review in Tripping Over Books.  Then this Small Damages moment from Jaina Lewis at the Westport Public Library in Connecticut.  (Thank you to Serena for telling me about the last two.)

And so I wrote to Jaina to thank her for being so kind.  And so she wrote back to share the book trailer above, which she had made as part of her process of sharing You Are My Only with her area eighth graders.  I have never seen my work translated into film, and so I have never had the experience of knowing, precisely, how one of my stories might look to another.  This is stunning, what Jaina has done, and I am embarrassed that I did not know of it before, else I would have thanked this librarian/film maker much sooner.  I share her work then today—out of respect and great appreciation for the time Jaina took to do this, and for her kind words today.


Amy said...

You Are My Only remains such a big heart book for me. After watching this i kind of want to pull it off the shelf and reread.

Serena said...

Isn't this just a wonderful find! I love it.

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