Small Damages is returned to me, in such new ways, by Jenny Brown of Twenty by Jenny

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Twenty by Jenny is home to some of the most thoughtful reviews of books written for children and teens—anywhere.  That is because Jenny Brown, its creator, has cared about youth literature for all of her adult life—as a teacher sharing stories, as an editor producing them, and as a critic and enthusiast writing for countless publications, including Shelf Awareness.  Jenny Brown trails golden light.

But I did not know, until late last night, that Jenny Brown, who had written the exquisite Shelf Awareness review of Small Damages, had also taken the time to reflect on Small Damages in Twenty by Jenny.  Her essay is called "Regeneration."  It is, in every way, stunning.  It taught me about my own book, made me step back with new understanding.  This kind of reflection is built of love.  And I am so grateful, Jenny Brown.  I am.

I am so grateful, too, to the ever-vigilant Serena Agusto-Cox, for letting me know.


Serena said...

It is a pleasure to see this book making such lasting impressions on other readers...

Amy said...

I look forward to reading the essay!

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