Zenobia, the Dutch version.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

When your heart has been pounding, like my heart has been pounding, when you're averaging five corporate stories a day and still behind, when the Zumba ladies ask you if you are a size bigger than you thought you were (could this be from sitting on your bum all day?), you see the mail truck drive up and you run.  First, to get that dress size down.  Second, for some relief.

Today, my running relief revealed a package that contained the Dutch edition (Sdu Uitgevers) of ZENOBIA, the corporate fable I penned with Matt Emmens, a good friend through all these years and now the chairman of the board of Shire, the international bio-pharma company.  The illustrations (my husband's work) look exactly the same as they do in the English-language version.

The words?  Not so much.

Matt, did you ever think we'd be so multiply translated?  I hope this makes you happy today.

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