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Monday, September 17, 2012

I will keep this short.

Yesterday morning, early, I went to my friend Betsy and asked for help.  I needed feeling restored to the right side of my body.  I needed not to hurt so much.  Betsy is magical (one of Betsy's favorite words).  I am not one who yields easily, but to Betsy I do.

While trying to release some of the knotted muscles in my shoulders and arm, while trying, indeed, to find a pulse (she finally found one), Betsy talked about language and how the words we choose to think with affect the way we see.  That word successful—how can we use it differently?  How about the word whole?  And what happens when we stop acting like a human doing so that we can be a human being?

I am in favor of humans being.


Serena said...

I agree.... on being...I need to remember that more

patti.mallett_pp said...

Successful. Whole. Human being vs Human doing. Very powerful words to think on.

Thank you, dear and special lady. Love to you today, across the miles, from a place that celebrates a bare-footed man whose Gift was Appleseeds. (And perhaps he smelled of roses). xo

Helen W. Mallon said...

Lovely. Sometimes it takes being in a context outside of the press of writing for words to come to life in a new way.

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