reflecting on my ballroom dance "career" in today's Inquirer

Sunday, September 16, 2012

In today's Philadelphia Inquirer I yearn toward dance, mourn my countless non-capabilities, and conclude, well — read on.  The story begins like this, below, and can be found in its entirety here.
How I stood, how I sat, how I walked into a room and didn't possess it - these were concerns. Also: the untamed wilderness of my hair, but we would get to that. In addition: the way I hid behind my clothes and failed their easy angles. Most troubling, perhaps: my tendency to rush, my feverish impatience with myself, my heretofore undiagnosed problem with the art of being led.

So I thought I could dance.

So I imagined the ballroom instructors leaning in to say - first rumba or perhaps the second - "You've got a knack for this."

What knack? What had I done? Why had I not realized that dancing in the dark alone to Bruce Springsteen does not qualify anyone for the cha-cha? That grace is not necessarily an elevated pointer finger? That how they do it on TV is how they do it on TV? That just because you love to dance does not a dancer make you?
So many thanks to Avery Rome for making room for the piece, and to DanceSport Academy in Ardmore—and all my teachers—for making room for me.  Thanks, too, to a certain Moira.  She knows who she is.


patti.mallett_pp said...

Fun article, Beth! Thanks for sharing your encouraging qualms. As you know, I very much enjoy your dance videos - and aspire to such grace of movement. But the reality is that I'm much more of a dancing in the dark w/ Bruce kind of girl. (Where I rule the floor.) :)

Maik Vilardo said...

Great news Beth!!! And what is this about a book on Berlin?? Will you be traveling here to Germany to get some inspiration???

Maik Vilardo said...

Great news Beth!! What is this about a book on Berlin? Will you be traveling here to Germany for some inspiration? Please keep me posted!

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