Ask the Passengers: Launch Day for My Friend A.S. King

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There's only one thing to do with my ole blog today, and that is to wrap my internet arms around my friend A.S. King, whose Ask the Passengers launches today.  I'm going to get my own copy at Amy's Children's Book World (Haverford, PA) event, one long week from today, October 30. But I know Amy, and I have read her books, and I therefore already know how grand this book will be.

Read about this multiply starred book here.  Order yourself a copy.

Amy, I'm sending you love.

Astrid is a typical teenager - -her family is dysfunctional, her "perfect couple" best friends are deceiving the entire school, and she's secretly crushing on a girl at work. She's got so much love and nowhere to give it, so she sends it into the sky, to the passengers of planes flying overhead. When Astrid's life suddenly begins to collapse, she has to find a way to change it--and she might just change the passengers' lives, as well.


Liviania said...

It is *such* an amazing book. Every time I read one of her books, I'm left in awe of her talent.

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