ballroom dancing in a spectral palace

Monday, October 22, 2012

Less than a week from now, I will be dancing a tango/rumba, all attitudes of Cher, to "Welcome to Burlesque."   I will be partnered by my husband of so many years.  I will dance in my own alma mater high school, my Hall of Fame plaque shaking on the auditorium's exterior wall, as it wonders what has become of my dignity.  I will be transformed!  Electrifying!  Snatch-worthy!  I will not trip! (maybe!)  I will not forget!  (perhaps!) I will.......move!

(With all these exclamation marks I am beginning to remind myself of Tom Wolfe!)

In the meantime, I watch videos like this, discovered by DanceSport's own Tirsa Rivas (who actually is a star).

I think:  If only I had two more weeks of practice.  


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