Small Damages: The Bookslut Review

Monday, November 5, 2012

Colleen Mondor, author of the Alaskan wilds, fearless reviewer, and famed blogger, has been a constant source of kindness to my books, and on this November morning I am so happy to wake up to her beautiful thoughts on Small Damages, which appear in an article called "A Dose of Reality" in the November issue of Bookslut.

Her final paragraph on the book is this, below.  But I encourage you to read the entire column, which also features Dream School, Maverick Jetpants in the City of Quality, Dora: A Headcase, Happy Families, and Baby's in Black.  Colleen, thank you.
Gracefully Kephart steers her protagonist through every emotion, every question and answer, and the conversations she has with her growing group of Spanish friends (notable for their wide range of age and circumstance) only make her journey that much more interesting. The Spanish setting, beautifully described throughout, adds an air of gentleness to the book's passages and makes this elegant title a novel of singular power. There are many books that treat teen pregnancy as a plot point, but Small Damages gives it the attention it deserves, and a character whose happily-ever-after is wonderful to watch unfold.


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