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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

At the gym, over email, on Facebook, in the streets, they're asking:  Have you voted?

I love the shape of the question, and its urgency.  I love how, today, we are given the right to choose.  I have not always (or, indeed, often) loved this political season—the sponsored attacks and the sly ones, the certain swagger in uncertain times.  It seems to me that, no matter where we stand or how we were raised, we must be united in three things:  compassion for others, concern for our planet, a favoring of peace over war.  We want no one standing in the cold without shelter.  We want a future for our children.  We want an intelligent discourse about resources.  We want to be honorable in a roiling world.

Let us vote our hearts and minds and then, come tomorrow, work together.


Maria Hitt said...

well said, thanks for voicing the feelings of many of us, and please tomorrow, can we all come together?

Amy Mak said...

Agreed. It's a beautiful thing!

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