the Philadelphia Inquirer review of Small Damages

Sunday, November 11, 2012

When the Philadelphia Inquirer contacted me earlier in the week seeking a photograph for a planned review of Small Damages, I tried very hard not to panic.  I have been so extraordinarily blessed with this book—that it found the right home, that it introduced me to people I will always love, that it was sent out into the world with such care.  I'd felt lucky enough, felt as if I could, indeed, not hope for any more luck.

I thought I'd be brave enough not to look for the review.  But this morning, unable to work, my thoughts in knots, I (my heart pounding in my throat as it does) did.

And I have been graced with extraordinary goodness. Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans read and thought deeply.  She understood what it was that I'd hoped to achieve.  She wrote beautifully.

I am so grateful.  The review can be found here.


Lilian Nattel said...

Congratulations! Another feather in your cap. There are so many it's getting to be well covered!

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