My second Asheville art purchase: wall sculptures by Vicki Grant

Friday, December 14, 2012

During our second day in Asheville, hurrying by Blue Spiral 1, I saw work that I again could not live without.  Was it living outside of corporate pressures that made me so open to art, so wanting?  Was it just being happy, and a little carefree?  Was it the half-dream I'd had of my mother as my husband drove the mountain hills, who seemed to be saying, Live now?

I don't know, but these wall sculptures by Vicki Grant, an architect-turned-artist, deeply appealed to me. They are clay based, with oil pigment sheens.  They cradle fossils, shells, porcupine quills.  They are perfectly square and impeccably unique, but together they tell stories.  I bought four and will be hanging them today in our kitchen, just ahead of the rush of Christmas.

Two photos, then.  One taken quickly in the gallery, and one snapped this morning with a macro lens.

To view the work well photographed, and to learn more of this artist's story, go here.  

To get a glimpse of the other work I bought in Asheville (by Akira and Larry Blount), go here.


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