at work on a keynote, and congratulating Cat Mosier-Mills, selected as a finalist for 2014 YoungArts

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This morning I'm again at work on the keynote talk I'll be giving this weekend in New York City at the Bank Street Mini-Conference. I have something to say about the sideways process. I have something to learn from my fellow participants—Roger Sutton (The Horn Book), Vicky Smith (Kirkus Reviews), Luann Toth (School Library Journal), and Sarah Smith (children's editor of The New York Times Book Review), not to mention the show's creator, Jennifer Brown.

As I work, I am reflecting back on the students I've met along the way. The young people I have loved and who have taught me most of everything.

I share this photograph this morning, of a particular morning in Miami with the YoungArts writers, both because it reminds me of a very happy time and because a very special young woman—Cat Mosier-Mills—has just been named a writing finalist for 2014 YoungArts. Cat is the daughter of my friends Elizabeth Mosier and Chris Mills. She is a young person I had fervently hoped would have the opportunity to experience the wealth of talent in the multiple disciplines—cinematography, dance, voice, and many others—that YoungArts brings together. Cat is the perfect contributor to a world like this one, and she will, in her own poised, never blaring, always thoughtful way, shine her own bright light.

So today I am looking back and I am looking forward, and I am thinking sideways. I am thinking about gorgeous Cat, and the journey she's about to go on. I am grateful for organizations that care about our children and the talents that they have.

There's still time to register for the Bank Street Mini Conference. I hope to see you there.


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