The sideways truth: the Bank Street keynote on HuffPo

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Was it just a few weeks ago that I was in New York City at Bank Street surrounded by writers and artists and teachers and very smart reviewers and one very lovely Jennifer Brown? Perhaps. Probably. How time plays its tricks.

Today HuffPo is kindly running an abbreviated version of my Bank Street keynote. I am reflecting on the liberation of truth through sideways exercises. I am comsidering the autobiographies of rivers and hair and other things. I am remembering the children I have met at Chanticleer garden, in Manayunk, and in the YoungArts program in Miami.

As always I am grateful for a life that gives me the chance to spend so much time with young and daring souls.

The Huffington Post link is here.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the article on Huffington Post. Reading it I just realized there is another character in the story I'm currently writing that I completely forgot to listen to.

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