Nest. Flight. Sky., my first memoir in years, now available through Shebooks

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When the invitation came to write a mini-memoir for Shebooks, I was in the midst of many things but stopped. This, I thought, is what I want to write most right now. This story—about loving and losing my mother, about a slow-growing, ever-deepening obsession with birds and wings—is where my heart is. And so I wrote Nest. Fight. Sky.: On Love and loss, one wing at a time for a new publishing company, and model, that I have, in the intervening months, grown to respect hugely. I have now read many Shebooks. I have written of some of them here. I am very proud, today, to join this family of writers—feel honored to stand among them.

This mini-memoir, available through Kindle and Nook, is just $2.99. (It will also soon be posted on the Shebooks site, but I'm just so excited that I am sharing this now.) Funny to announce the price of a book in a blog post, I know, but I slip that fact in here because I hope it will help persuade you to download not just Nest., but some of the other remarkable offerings made available through Shebooks.

If you have the time and inclination, it would be so wonderful for you to help spread word.


Katrina said...

I just bought it! So excited for you and very eager to read. Even the title makes me breathe more deeply as I look out the window at the birds at my own feeder on this winter afternoon. I share this deepening fascination/connection with birds; it seems to have snuck up on me, perhaps as it did for you. Congratulations on your pub date and welcome back to the memoir fold!

Jennie Nash said...

Me, too! So fabulous, Beth. What a brave new thing for you to do. I can't wait to read it.

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