The Internet Review of Handling the Truth

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sarah Morgan gives me the gift this morning of a truly magnificent review of Handling the Truth, now posted here on The Internet Review of Books, a site I was having so much fun reading (the reviews here are of the most interesting books) that I almost forgot to finish this post.

But I do wish to finish this post, because I am so very grateful for Sarah's time and for her insights. Her review begins like this, but the whole is well worth the read.

Thank you, Sarah.

There are thousands of books on the subject of writing, and many of those are about memoir. In my mind, only a few stand shoulders above the rest. Handling the Truth: On the Writing of Memoir by Beth Kephart is one of these and a fine addition to any aspiring memoirist’s reference library.
Kephart describes herself as a dreamer and a writer. She worked her way through the writing school of hard knocks, and now, somewhat surprisingly in her mind because of her informal training, she teaches memoir at The University of Pennsylvania. She is also the author of 16 books, five of them memoirs.


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