I had a messed-up dream, and GOING OVER is available as a free Kindle download sampler

Thursday, March 27, 2014

There I was, just the other day, extolling the virtues of sleep. Last night, the durned beast was elusive (to say the least) and when I did finally fall away, I had one heck of a dream.

Let's just say that I was shoeless (how cliche!) and poorly dressed (of course I was) and standing before an unruly crowd about ready to speak (they had NO interest whatsoever in what I had to say) and — well — I'd forgotten my speech. Not only that, I'd forgotten the topic of my speech. Not only that, but when the guy introduced me, I could not imagine who he was, how he knew me, or what town I was in.

And there I stood. Speak! Speak!

Such is the messed-up mind of the author who is about to launch a book.

Thank goodness, therefore, that the incredible team at Chronicle Books has my back. That it keeps doing these wow things—like making a trailer, like running a blog fest (more on that soon), like (and I just found out about this yesterday, thank you, Ali Presley, Kristina Jutzi, and Sally Kim!) offering a download-able sample of the book for free.

So if you are on the fence about Going Over (oh dear, how cliche!), please check out the free sampler here. It won't cost you a dime. And maybe, by the time you see me next, I'll be able to speak.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that link, Beth. I am knee-deep in Handling the Truth and am eager to drink up as many of your words as I can.

Serena said...

sounds like you have too many speeches going...you are feeling the stress. Just breathe and take your time. I am reading Going Over now and cheering on Ada and Stefan!

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