My river wins an award, and my FLOW heads toward a paperback edition

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You know that I can't stop talking about her, dreaming about her, visiting her. And so here she is, my river, winner of the 2014 Pennsylvania River of the Year award, written of today, for North Philly Notes.

And (ladies and gentlemen), I have some news: FLOW will be relaunched this fall as a paperback, thanks to Temple University Press.

I could not be happier.


Pam Sedor said...

Great news, Beth! I love this book. Every page should be bronzed, and installed like sculpture along the Kelly and King banks of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River. We should be able to walk up to each one, stop, gaze at the river, and then read her after the other.

I used to think it should be required reading for rowers and paddlers, but now I know it is a precious book that must be shared with everyone, and for always. You gave this river her poetic voice that is a match for her curves. And because of what she received from you, she'll never have to shout to get our attention.

For the reader, it is a book about nature, love, history, life, and art. It is about our collective memory as the city of brotherly love. It is as much for the river as it is by the river. And it should be part of the promise that she will forever flow and never be forgotten.

Thankfully, Temple Press understands this.

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