an ode to Wayne, in today's Inquirer

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I moved a lot as a child—and then, at last, settled in.

In this weekend's Philadelphia Inquirer, I'm writing about the place that has been close to my heart ever since that eighth-grade move, the town of Wayne, PA, which has beguiled me, supported me, and, of late, returned old friends to me.

With gratitude to all those fellow Radnorites and shop owners and librarians: this. While this Wayne story and my South Street/Magic Gardens story were written too late to be incorporated into my forthcoming collection of essays and photographs, Love: A Philadelphia Affair, both essays live close to my heart.

Meanwhile, this past week I've been watching intense movies, reading an extraordinary book, talking to the esteemed editor Daniel Menaker, sharing a glass of wine with the great Debbie Levy, and learning from my Class of Spectaculars at Penn. I'll reflect on all that in the Monday edition of tomorrow's blog.

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Melissa Sarno said...

What a beautiful piece, Beth. I'd like to see more of your Wayne someday.

I'm also thrilled to learn you played the ousted Baroness. She's my favorite. "Darling, haven't you ever heard of a delightful little thing called Boarding School?"

Beth Kephart said...

Melissa, I was so the part! Singing "A crazy planet full of crazy people" with a stern, alto voice.

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