A memory keeper and book maker reflects on Tell the Truth. Make It Matter.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I will confess that I was useless for much of this past week. The news. All of it. How could any of us keep working, or giving, in the face of it?

So that when a beautiful photo of our workbook, Tell the Truth. Make It Matter., appeared on my Linked In feed, courtesy of Dawn M. Roode, I saw only that photo, so beautifully taken. It did not occur to me to click on any link.

Later, encouraged, I clicked on the link.

What I discovered was an absolutely gorgeous and unexpected advocacy for Tell the Truth from a woman who turns remembering into what she calls Modern Heirloom Books. That's the name of Dawn's company. This is what she does. And she found, in this workbook, an ally in the process.

It's worth clicking on this link just to see how beautifully Dawn does things. How much she gives. How she finds the energy to give, even right now. And I, of course, am very grateful to have a companion like this thoughtful, talented Dawn in this remembering world.


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