one day at a time out here, and every day matters: my Philadelphia Inquirer piece on August

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I am ending this Saturday evening with a citrus blue cheese salad, a mushroom chicken dish, and some sangria. Also this unexpected (appreciated) treatment of my story for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

This month I reflected on August—that time of year that forces patience, that reminds us of our bounty, that reminds us, too, of the fragile condition of our world and our always tenuous place in it. I wrote the piece before Charlottesville and Barcelona. I took photographs of fading flowers and fallowing farms. I felt, during the making of this essay, a deep sense of melancholia and encroaching .... something.

The encroachments came. They still keep coming.

We speak our truths. We work toward kindness. We seek a better world. And then, at the end of the day, we make the best meals we can for the people we love, because it's one day at a time out here, and every day matters.

Update: We at Juncture have just published our 18th edition of Juncture Notes, our memoir newsletter. The newsletter includes a link to this Inquirer story. You can read the issue here. 


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