Guest Blogging at HipWriterMama's House

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today I'm guest blogging over at the fabulous HipWriterMama's house, another blogger and writer who entered my world early on and stayed. She asked me to write a bit about The Heart is Not a Size, and I did. Here's a small quote from a longer piece that I hope you will stop by and read.

(My photo today is of one of the truly beautiful young women with whom we traveled to Juarez. It was toward the end of the trip, when the wood frame of the community bathroom we'd pounded together was finally upright, lifted toward the sky.)

I have always sought to write books that somehow make a difference, and if I can, with HEART, bring attention to Juarez, if I can help girls who are battling with the secrets with which Georgia and Riley do battle, then I will feel as if the journey that I took with HEART was ultimately the right one.


Mandy said...

Heading over there now... :)

Solvang Sherrie said...

Perfect! I'll go read it now!

Vivian said...

Beth, Thank you for your guest post!

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