To Live a Poem...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have blogged here in this modest space since October 2007—not always certain what I had to say, not always happy with the photos I had to say it with, and never sure who might visit or why.

Today I introduce one of the very first people who stopped by this blog. Her name is Grete. She lives an ocean away. She found me by listening to a Barbara DeMarco interview. Some of you have likely read her comments here. I've had the privilege of coming to know her off the blog, through her photos, musings, and poems.

A few days ago, Grete launched her own blog, titled "To Live a Poem." Her goal is to bring the lyric lines to life, and she is doing that in a wholly original way. I encourage you to visit her.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing Greta's blog here. I love her photography, and of course, Mary Oliver's poetry. "The Journey" is a favorite of mine, too, and I blogged about it last month. How nice to make these connections online.

grete said...

Sweet, sweet Beth - Thank you!

Your words, your photos, your personality - whether expressed through a blog or a book - continue to inspire me. They stretch my worlds, inner and outer, heart and geography!

Also they make me humble and grateful I live in the age of the internet.

Big virtual hug!

Woman in a Window said...

This thing of blogging is a curious and multi-faceted thing. It has corners, I think, we never anticipated, and why people might come and read, well, the reasons are as varied as the people who come. I come because you are real and constant. Because I believe I can learn from you, perhaps not so much as a writer (I am very stubbornly and lazily myself) but as a person.

I will check her out.


Solvang Sherrie said...

I love this photo -- tulips are my favorite flower. And you always have something to say :)

Beth F said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Grete's new blog. I will check it out.

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