I danced instead

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, save for a single client call, I did not work.  I headed off to DanceSport Academy instead, where I took not one, but two lessons.  At the end of the second, Scott Lazarov worked on some cha-cha choreography, and we recorded it, so we wouldn't forget when we got back to it.  I'm walking my way through most of this, for most of it is new.  My point is this:  I went to the dance studio yesterday and all the stress of which I've been lately speaking vanished.

Vanished, I say.

Which is what dance, every single time, does for me.


Karen Mahoney said...

You're so graceful. :)

I love watching you dance!

Q said...

I keep telling you you have a dancer's grace--do you believe me yet?

Holly said...

Seconds Q. So glad you have this.

Becca said...

Playing music does that for me ...I'm so grateful for that magic!

Lilian Nattel said...

It's wonderful to feel stress leaving like that Beth. I get that way running or swimming or skating.

Beth F said...

Now you're just making me miss dance. I sure wish my area had a studio for adults who want to dance but not perform.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

How lovely that your stress melted away and how lovely you looked in your element. As Karen said, you are very graceful.

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