A few things that are making me happy

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am stealing a meme from dear, so-talented, and missed Eating a Tangerine with this up-to-the-moment report on what is making me happy.

First, the cherished memories of my trip to the BEA this past week. Thank you, so many of you, for being such an integral part of my adventure, thank you Armchair BEA for the love, and thank you Florinda for the conversation.

Second, the news that Dangerous Neighbors has been chosen as the summer read by a lovely local private school. I have so wanted that for this book of mine, and I am grateful.

Third, the happy reality that, after allowing myself to stall for a few days (as I imagine most authors waiting to hear about circulating manuscripts do), I have found my way back to my prequel-in-progress to Dangerous Neighbors. Research proved to be the key. I have lucked onto something astonishing and juicy—a little known fact that will give my story heft, suspense, momentum, and (I'll toss the word in there) thrills. I have myself a riveting something. Now I just have to write it.

Fourth, spending time at the Devon Horse Show, taking photographs of horses, children, riders, and the big jumpers. Today I'll be photographing the carriages that are rolling down my street (two just did, so I interrupted this blog to catch them) as well as the famous puppy contest.

Fifth, spending an hour with Kim, my former student, at the show yesterday.  There she is, petting a three-month-old mini. Both are, I think, beyond words.

Finally, receiving and reading the richest imaginable e-mails from my son, now in his fourth day in London. The Brits are treating that great guy of mine exquisitely well, and he is turning most every hour into something worthy of a story. In exactly two weeks I'll be there, in London, too. Laughing, I'm certain. And listening.


Anna Lefler said...

Hooray for happiness! I love this post...

Enjoy, Beth.



Kimberly Eisler said...

Beth you are the best! Thanks for all the great photos... helps the memories stay put, ya know? Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!


Florinda said...

Our conversation was absolutely one of the highlights of my BEA week - I'm so glad it worked out! And great news about Dangerous Neighbors - both the current book AND the prequel-in-progress.


Lilian Nattel said...

Thrills! How wonderful. I'm so glad for all the happy things.

patti.mallett_pp said...

Congratulations on all of these fabulous Happy Moments!! Kudos and High Fives!!!

No one could have read "Seeing Past Z...." and not fallen in love with your son, BUT we need to hear more tales about him now. In another book perhaps?? (Hoping so.)

KFP said...

All good things--happy for you. The breakthrough on the prequel = very exciting.

The1stdaughter said...

Lovely. I adore that photo. A good friend of my mother's raised mini's when I was young and I've always loved them.

So exciting about Dangerous Neighbors on both accounts. I know I'm eager to hear about the plot thrills, but I know it will be fabulous!

And yay! I'm so happy to hear of your son. He sounds like he's having the time of his life, which is marvelous and just how it should be. :o)

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