Finding Wonderland Finds You Are My Only

Monday, October 10, 2011

and warms my heart on this day.  There are books that don't appear to be the right match for this reader, or for that one.  How do we thank those who look beyond those concerns and begin to read anyway?  That is what Aquafortis did.  She tells the story here.

(Breaking my heart with her final words.)

And great thanks too, to Elizabeth Mosier, for the phone call today—the chance to talk out loud about this book and where it came from and what it means to me.  Those conversations are so appreciated, especially with a reader and writer as talented as Libby.

Thank you, both.


Elizabeth Mosier said...

My pleasure, Beth! You Are My Only reaches beyond the marketing boundaries of YA/adult fiction. Sophie's voice conveys the immediacy of adolescent experience; in Emmy's voice there is the hard-won wisdom of adulthood. The book is like a poetic prism that reveals the spectrum of human experience, the damage and repair that comes after loss. So, so well done!


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