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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Michelle Wittle invited me to share my thoughts about publishing, social media, and cake (well, I threw in the cake part) for her always-informational Philadelphia Stories blog.  I have the great privilege of joining Michelle and others at the annual Philadelphia Stories Push to Publish conference, being held on October 13th at Rosemont College, and I was glad for this excuse to talk to Ms. Wittle again.

Michelle, you want a hug?  You'll get one.

For the whole interview, go here.  A first question answered, below.
Wittle: What do you find are the most helpful tools for a writer in YA to market his or her book? Should they have a blog? A twitter account? Maybe reach out to the local libraries and host a writing and or reading session?

Kephart: I am afraid that I never really think about tools or strategies.  I think about who I want to be in the world—what kind of community I want to live within.  And so I blog as much to exercise my own brain (made stagnant at times by too much corporate work) as to exchange thoughts with readers and writers who inspire me.  I twitter very rarely, and usually it’s to have some comedic relief or to spread word.  I have a book party each time a book comes out at Radnor Memorial Library with the great hostess Pamela Sedor because she is so kind and because friends come (indeed, we are having a party for Small Damages on September 12 at 7:30 at Pam’s fabulous library, should any readers of this interview like to come; there will be cake!).  Mostly, though, I try to participate in the greater literary community.  I write for The New York Times Book Review, Chicago Tribune, Shelf Awareness, Philadelphia Inquirer, Publishing Perspectives, and elsewhere on the state of books and culture and teens, or on places that I love.  And this, I think, keeps me in the mix more than anything.


patti.mallett_pp said...

I love how you expressed this. (And so agree.)

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