The Small Damages party (and a recipe card)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tonight I'll officially launch Small Damages (Philomel) in my hometown library.  I'll be sharing images of the research process, snapshots of Spain, and a glimpse of my Estela's cortijo kitchen.  I'll also be giving those who come this recipe card, featuring one of Estela's favorite easy desserts.  Now, Estela is Estela, and pears are pears—so many different textures, so many degrees of firm.  You have to mess with temperature and timing, therefore, but if you wait until the pears are truly cooked through, you'll have a sensational little treat on your hands (plumped raisins, Malaga- and orange-flavored pear flesh).

I am looking forward (so much) to this evening.  Among other things, the talented, generous, whollly literary, wholly real and dear Elizabeth Mosier will be introducing me.  I learn so much from Libby, whenever she talks (about books, about anything).  I am so honored that she is taking the time to do this.  And, of course, a giant thank you to Pam Sedor of the library, who makes everything so special, and to the good people of Children's Book World, who always go the extra mile.

Please come if you are near:

September 12, 2012
Radnor Memorial Library
114 West Wayne, Avenue 
Wayne, PA
SMALL DAMAGES launch party

7:30 PM

This just in: I was in the midst of posting this when I learned about this incredibly beautiful librarian review of Small Damages by one Lauren Strohecker.  Lauren's post is made especially meaningful by the way her blog begins—with words about and by my friend A.S. King.  I'm hugely indebted to you both, and a little misty eyed.


Serena said...

Yum! That recipe sounds delicious! I have a very watery mouth. Have a great time! Happy Launch!

Melissa Sarno said...

Happy launch party! Wish I could be there. xo

Joyce Ray said...

I just emailed my friend in Wayne. Wish I could be there to celebrate and see what a first class launch party looks like. Today I began Small Damages - the best way I know how to participate in your launch. Have a great time!

Dr. Tanya Lyn March said...

I read books to help out my sister select books for her small book store. I loved the pacing rhythm of the book. I started off loving the main character and fell in love with Estela and the family Kenzie made in Spain. I wanted to learn more about you the research you did for the book really showed. I lived in Sevilla for a year and have a PhD in urban studies-you captured a pace of life. It often seemed more like 1950 than 1995 but I was willing to go with the flow.

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